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Never heard of Stuffed Cabbage? :) Since we started our business, this is the dish most requested from all. Finally arrived, delicate cabbage leaves, fully stuffed with spices, rice, freshest juicy, ground beef and lean ground pork. It comes with a side of delicious tomato sauce made from the juices it was cooked in for hours, an amazing traditional flavor that you can't replicate!

It serves as a wholesome satisfying, dish due to protein, veggies and carbs in one.

We try to make each stuffed cabbage as large as possible, but due to various sizes of the green cabbage heads they may vary sligtly in size. Each stuffed cabbage is around 0.5lb  (around 225 g).


Handmade from scratch. 1 piece


Allergens: Eggs, dairy,

Stuffed Cabbage (Golabki) large 0.5lb / click on the picture to read more

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