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Pierogi Rulez owners

From our Family to Yours.

Growing up in Poland, pierogi were the comfort food in our homes, filling our days with mixtures

of sweet, savory, and warm delights. With so many different combinations, carefully crafted and cooked with remarkable precision, pierogi were the ultimate in-home cooking.

Welcome to Pierogi Rulez, where we take you on a culinary journey to Poland, where warmth, natural ingredients, and home-cooking is the perfect recipe for a delicious dish.

    When I was a little girl, I prepared pierogi often with my Mom & Grandmother, I learned various recipes at very young age.

I remember when I met my husband, he invited me for the first time to eat lunch at his house, many years ago in our Polish city. His Mom cooked “Pierogi Z Jagodami” (berry pierogi).

I remember my first bite - the perfect consistency with a tad of sweetness and sour cream vanilla sauce

floating in-between...

Of course, I never appreciated them until we moved to Southern California, where the only pierogi available are frozen, contain tons of unnecessary ingredients, have a too thick dough and they aren’t even made by people who appreciate the authenticity of our traditional food and know how to correctly make them.

We decided to change that!

One Christmas day, we prepared pierogi for our Friends and Neighbors,

hoping to share our love of the taste with them – and on that day, end of 2018, our business was born.

We want You, your Family & Friends to have a chance to enjoy the same quality pierogi we did for years.

Welcome to our kitchen, because PIEROGI RULEZ! 


 P.S. Did you know that polish Pierogi word is already plural? There is no pierogiES! :) One pierog, many pierogi.

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