Traditional Polish Pierogi. Variety of filling.

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-Berry Pierogi. Pierogi with berries inside. Delicious, warm & sweet. Vegetarian. NOTE: Allergen (eggs)


-Potato & Cheese pierogi. Made with real fresh farmer's cheese (white cheese). Aroma is so beautiful You will beg for more. Vegetarian. NOTE: Allergen (dairy)


-Mushroom & Sauerkraut pierogi. Old fashioned Polish Christmas pierogi. Savory & very tasty made with 4-5 different types of wild mushrooms. Vegetarian. NOTE: Allergen (eggs)


-Strawberry Pierogi. Pierogi with strawberries. Best during summer months. Vegetarian. NOTE: Allergen (eggs)


-Meat Pierogi. Made with highest quality meat, pasture raised, organic chicken and beef, perfectly spiced and simply mouth-watering. NOTE: Allergen (eggs)


Don't forget to order toppings! :)



Traditional (one piece)

Traditional One Piece

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