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Have you ever heard that Polish sausage is the best? Have you tried one? Now you can! Our sausage is made using authentic process and tastes just like the ones we grew up with in Poland :).

Oven grilled to perfection with a little extra spices and herbs. Simply delicious! It pairs well with the side of sauerktaut and a few pierogi!


Our full sausage you purchasing here is around 26-28cm long (about 10.5-11 iches), this amount is recommended as 2 portions. You can purchase as many as you wish on top of the minimum 16 pierogi order, but if you are purchasing the sausage separately, there is 4 portions minimum (2 x $21.99). 

Authentic Sausage 2 pieces (Kielbasa) / click on the picture to read more

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